PhD Studies at the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics of the University of Crete offers the possibility of studies towards a Ph.D. degree in nearly all areas of modern physics.

In order to be considered for admission to the PhD program the following two requirements need me met:

  • A Bachelors degree (BSc) in Physics or a related science field
  • A Masters degree (MSc) in Physics or a related science field.

The requirement of a Masters degree can be waived for candidates with an exceptional undergraduate record. If the Bachelors and/or Masters degrees were obtained from a University outside Greece they need to be approved by the Greek national academic recognition center D.O.A.T.A.P.. In this case the formal date of commencement of the studies is the date of approval of the degrees by the DOATAP. The degree's recognition is a lengthy process (and it may require fees to be paid). Students who are interested in applying for enrollment for PhD studies in the Physics Department must contact DOATAP asap.

You may wish to check whether the University awarded your degree is already in the list of "recognized" Institutions. You can view this list at: "". You can choose the country from the list on the top of the page, and then press submit. If your Institution is included in this list, please contact

All applicants should provide to the Graduate Secretary Ms. M. Matalliotaki the following material:

  • A CV as well as transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate courses
  • A statement in which the candidate briefly describe his/her research interests as well as the reasons to do a PhD in Physics in Crete
  • At least two (2) letters of recommendation from members of the academic community which evaluate the candidate
  • Scores of GRE Physics and TOEFL if available

Applications are accepted throughout the year, but it is recommended to submit them before the 1st of July for PhD studies which will commence the following academy year. However, individuals who are interested for a PhD in High Energy Physics and would like to obtain funding from the Center of Theoretical Physics should consider the different additional deadlines. The Graduate Studies Committee reserves the right to request further information and/or an interview from the candidates.

Candidates who are admitted to the PhD program have immediate access to the infrastructure of the Department. There is the possibility of graduate fellowships to select candidates. Within a reasonable time period all individuals admitted should be informed about the research possibilities of the Department and should select their research area as well as PhD thesis supervisor. The formal date of commencement of the PhD studies of a candidate is the date his/her three member supervising thesis committee is established. The minimum duration of the studies is three (3) years. The PhD degree is awarded after a successful completion of the PhD dissertation, part of which must be published in an international refereed journal.