Graduate Program

The graduate program in "Advanced Physics" consists of a Master's Program with a nominal duration of 1 year (12 months). .

To obtain their Master's students must complete 60 ECTS; 30 from courses and 30 from a research project.

  • During the 1st academic semester (4 calendar months) students typically follow 2 general advanced physics courses (6 ECTS each) and 1 elective course (5 ECTS).

  • In the 2nd semester (4 calendar months), the students typically take 1 further general course and 1 elective.

  • The courses are complemented by a 4-month research project (30 ECTS), which they can start at the end of the first semester in parallel with their courses.

  • Furthermore 2 ECTS are obtained by active participation of students to the Seminars and Colloquia of the Department.

  • Student participation in the teaching and research activities of the Department is required.

Students who are not able to complete their studies within the above mentioned 12 month period, may request an extension before the end of the program. This extension can be for a maximum of 12 additional months and be obtained only in exceptional cases following a decision by the Graduate Program Committee who will review the performance of the student.